Alliance Insurance Agency
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Address: 895 E Madison Ave. Mankato, MN 56001 Alliance Insurance Agency Phone: 507-720-6466 Alliance Insurance Agency FAX 507-720-6470

Alliance Insurance Agency

See clearly the Advantage to working with Alliance Insurance for all your Insurance needs.  Stop in for a review of your insurance coverage and receive a free pair of Automotive wiper blades.  You will receive a voucher for the blades and installation.  Restrictions may apply and a max value of $12.50. 

Limit 1 per household

Alliance Insurance Agency

Does this sound like you? "I just need to protect whatís mine!" We can identify with that! We work hard for what we have, just like you do! No frills here, just a focus on helping you reduce risk whenever possible.


Tell us what your concerns are about your property, health insurance coverage (talk about a changing landscape!) or coverage for your business; and letís see if we can improve your situation without adding a pile of paperwork and hassle to your day.

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Mankato Insurance Agency
Alliance Insurance Agency
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